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Marvel Studios Casts Laura Donnelly as Possible MCU Vampire

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Along with the classic MCU action coming to the big screen and Disney+ over the next few years in Phase 4, Marvel Studios is using Disney+ to deliver new and unique content that still ties into the overarching narrative. This includes entries like the Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special being filmed alongside the third Guardians solo movie, and there is even a Halloween special in the early stages of development as well.

Outside of the Halloween-centric episode of 2021’s WandaVision, this will be Marvel Studios’ first time tackling a story centered on the spooky holiday as more centralized adventures come into play. There aren’t many signs pointing to specifics regarding the plot or its place in the MCU timeline, but reports have hinted that it will be centered around Werewolf By Night, who has ties to Moon Knight in the comics.


In November 2021, Gael Garcia Bernal of Disney’s Coco was cast in the Halloween Special as Werewolf By Night as the project looks to hopefully release sometime this year. Now, the MCU newcomer finally has a co-star in this mysterious project, one who will bring yet another spooky character into MCU lore.

New Addition to Werewolf By Night

Vampire By Night

Deadline revealed that actress Laura Donnelly has joined the cast of Marvel Studios’ Werewolf By Night project, which is being prepped for a Disney+ premiere. Her role wasn’t officially announced, although Deadline’s sources point to her potentially playing Nina Price aka Vampire By Night.

Insider Daniel Richman responded to this news on Twitter by supporting the theory that Donnelly will play Nina Price by retweeting the article with the caption “Vampire by Night!”




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