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Doctor Strange 2 Opening Sequence References Spider-Man & WandaVision

Doctor Strange 2 Preview References WandaVision & Tobey Maguire’s Spider-Man

During Marvel Studios’ panel at CinemaCon 2022, attendees were treated to the first fifteen minutes of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. While the opening sequence footage hasn’t been publicly released, The Wrap has provided a full description. 

The preview highlights a Doctor Strange from a different universe attempting to protect Xochitl Gomez’ America Chavez from an eldritch abomination who is attempting to take her Multiversal powers. 


Just when the abomination is about to kill them both, this alternate Doctor Strange takes Chavez’ powers and kills her for the sake of protecting the universe. 

However, this is all just a dream. 

The MCU’s Doctor Strange is then seen attending Christine Palmer’s wedding, where the two have a moment of closure. Christine, played by Rachel McAdams, says, “always had to be the one holding the knife, and I could respect you for it, but I couldn’t love you for it.” 


But then, this moment of calm is interrupted when another Eldritch abomination arrives in New York, along with America Chavez. Strange and Wong both spring into action with Wong joking, “You know how it is customary to bow in the presence of the Sorcerer Supreme? I’m… aware of the customs.”

Strange, Wong, and Chavez succeed in stopping the monster with Strange actually ripping out the monster’s eye with a lamp post.

Afterward, Strange struggles to understand why Chavez has come out of his dreams, leading to the events of Spider-Man: No Way Home being revisited.


Chavez actually reacts in disgust upon learning of a Spider-Man who shoots webs out of his body, before explaining her ability to travel through the Multiverse. However, she doesn’t have control of her powers and only does it when she’s afraid. 

She also informs Strange about the Book of Vishanti – a contrast to the Darkhold which Wanda came into possession of in WandaVision – that may help her learn control. 

Chavez doesn’t quite trust Benedict Cumberbatch’s character, considering the Strange she knew attempted to kill her, but she does go with him to Kamar-Taj for protection while the sorcerer goes to find Wanda for information. 


This is followed by the tune of the WandaVision jingle and a replay of the final moments of the series where Wanda had her kids. She is then shown waking up from her dream.

Scarlet Witch tells Strange that she is trying to “leave the magic behind,” before he invites her to Kamar-Taj to protect Chavez.

The full footage description can be found on The Wrap.




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